Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash Winner Tony Matterhorn

Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash – Tony Matterhorn on Top !

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash: At the end of the Sumfest Sound Clash Friday morning at  Pier One Entertainment Centre…….Ace selector Tony Matterhorn walked away with Half a Million Dollars !!!

It was a bit of poetic justice, for the past weeks everybody jived him about “Jacket” after it was revealed that the girl he has been bringing up was not in fact, his biological daughter.

He was ridiculed by artistes Thursday night, but he proved himself to be the big man, when on being presented with his cheque, he announced proudly to the crowd that he has been bringing up the girl as her father, and would, indeed, continue being her father.

Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash winner Matterhorn easily beat Soul Supreme and Likkle Shabba, but all was not smooth sailing, as there was some anger among foreign contestants especially, claiming bias of the judges towards Matterhorn especially. Japanese YardBeat and Germany’s Warrior Sound were disqualified at different times, for infringements they said was also committed by Tony Matterhorn. Interestingly, the crowd supported the foreign competitors to a great extent, and there were more than one instance that disqualifications were reversed.Unfortunately, the general opinion of the foreign contestants was “this is a big joke”.

Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash

On a more pleasant note…Friday night…Dance hall night got off to a bright start….as Shenseea and Devin De Dakta got the early crowd in the spirit of Dance Hall….Devin De Dakta made a great impression on the crowd with his emotional tribute to his father…..and appealing to the women in the audience to big up fathers.

Sanjay, Singa J, Tee Jay from Montego Bay also impressed in the early hours.

A bit later, Dexta Daps had the ladies going wild….coming on stage in his red suit and losing his coat to reveal his sweat-washed torso near the end of his performance….his big hits, of course, being the crowd favourites SEVEN ELEVEN……MORNING LOVE…..and of course, OWNER…..which “mash up de place”.

“Everything turns out as we had expected it. I came out and did my best and the people appreciate it and I appreciate them showing me that love.”

“I would say that it was one of the strongest responses to one of my performances. It was one of the great ones…Jah know the fans showed me some real love tonight as I saw cameras flashing all over, although some of them cannot see me, because of how far they are but they still a shine dem camera,” Dexta Daps said.


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