Deadly Love Triangle, Latoya Williamson

A Businessman who loves to pull his weapon on women or a Deadly Love Triangle?

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) A Businessman who loves to pull his weapon on women or a Deadly Love Triangle? On Monday, July 17, at approximately 4:00 p.m., well-known businessman and former JLP politician, 70-year-old Warrenton Barham, allegedly shot dead a young woman and was (a few seconds later) shot and killed by the police.

As the story unfolds, Mr. Barham was a married man, who, along with his wife operated the Table Top Restaurant in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth. Mckoy’s News was informed that the young woman, Latoya Williamson, 24, originally from Knoxwood, St Elizabeth and resident at Whitehouse in eastern Westmoreland, was his sweetheart.

Latoya Williamson Deadly Love Triangle

It is alleged that Mr. Barham had sent Ms. Williamson through Bethlehem Teachers College, from where she graduated last month. Allegedly, after her graduation, he bought her a brand new Lexus SUV. Ms. Williamson, however, invited her new male friend (with both travelling in the SUV) to Mr. Barham’s restaurant on Monday to have lunch. In an apparent style of “showing off” on the businessman (as it appeared that she no longer needed him).

Per eyewitnesses, a heated argument developed between Mr. Barham and Ms. Williamson. Mr. Barham then went for his gun and shot Ms. Williamson three (3) times in her head. When the police arrived on the scene, he said he wanted to die too, so he started shooting at the policeman and the officer returned the fire killing him on the spot.

All these events unfolded in the presence of Mr. Barham’s wife. The police are continuing their investigations.

_______News Contributed by Nichola Panton



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