Still no School at Anchovy Primary Following Death of 9-year-old Student

Jamaica News, St James: Principal of the Anchovy Primary School in Anchovy, St James, Mrs. Cheryl Grant-Mitchell, informed our news team that the school will also be out of session on Thursday, June 14.

According to Mrs. Grant-Mitchell, the accident involving a female teacher which claimed the life of grade two student, 9-year-old Easton Stapleton, is too much to bear for some students so they were given an extra day to recuperate.

She further stated that come Friday morning of June 15th, the school will resume as normal and she is asking parents to send out the students, especially the grades four and five students.

The principal, who is still emotional from the death of the promising young student said that, the incident was a most unfortunate one and she grieves with the parent and also the teacher involved, but, she is empowering parents to continue to send their children to school.

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Following the incident on Tuesday afternoon, several teams from the Police Department, Peace Management Initiative, Child Development Agency, the School Administration, the School Board and the Ministry of Education, visited the home of the student in Belmont District on Wednesday afternoon. The teams were well accepted by the family of the deceased 9-year-old and they were also given counseling.

Shortly after 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, young Easton who hails from Belmont District was on the outside of the compound awaiting a drive to pick him up. A female teacher who was also about to leave the premises went into her car and was about to reverse when the car got out of control and crushed the child against a wall.

Since then, a number of parents have been pointing fingers but the police are now calling on them not to go that route and to support the school the very best they can at this point in time.

Students attending the Anchovy Primary School were then sent home and the Principal relayed that she will be making an announcement to inform parents if school will be resumed on Thursday.


By: Henry Bucknor

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