St. Thomas Man Charged with House Breaking and Larceny

Twenty-seven-year old Christian McFarlane otherwise called ‘Tuckle’, Mechanic of Stewartfield district, Seaforth, St. Thomas was charged with Housebreaking and Larceny and Malicious Destruction of Property in relation to an incident which occurred on Navarre Lane in the parish on Wednesday, March 01.

Reports from the Morant Bay Police are that about 7:30 a.m., a man securely locked and left a property he was overseeing. Upon his return, he discovered that the house had been broken into, ransacked and several items were missing. He proceeded to view CCTV footage of the premises and recognised McFarlane as the person who committed the crime.

The police were contacted and an operation conducted, during which McFarlane was found with the stolen items in his possession. He was subsequently arrested.

McFarlane was charged on Thursday, March 9 after being pointed out during an Identification Parade.

He is set to answer to the charges in the St. Thomas Parish Court on Wednesday, March 15.

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