St Mary Police Seeking Help to Identify Three Dancers Killed in Night Club Fire  

Jamaica News, St Mary: The police in the parish of St Mary say they are now calling on members of the public and other exotic dancers, to assist in identifying the three female exotic dancers, who lost their lives in a fire which destroyed the Bad Fowl Night Club in Trinity District, St Mary on Thursday morning, April 3.

The investigators related that up to date, all they were able to get for the victims were aliases which are passed around from one dancer to another. One investigator stated that when it comes to identifying these dancers it is very hard because they have been in the profession for a number of years and constantly rotate across the parish from one club to another.

He also stated that these dancers would give each other names from popular sweets, flower or fruit and they are only called by these names at their place of work.

St Mary: Three Exotic Dancers Killed in Night Club Fire  

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The incident unfolded shortly after 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, when residents in Trinity District, Port Maria, reported that they saw fire coming from the board and concrete-structured building which housed the Bad Fowl Bar and Exotic nightclub.

The police and the Fire Department were alerted and upon arrival, it took the firemen quite some time to put out the blaze.  The building was partially destroyed when they reached their cooling down procedures.

Following the fire, a search was carried out of the burnt building and the discovery made of the three charred bodies which were burnt beyond recognition.

They were all transported to hospital where they were pronounced dead.


By Henry Bucknor

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