Breaking: 4 M-16 Rifles, Bullet Proof Vests and Ammunition Seized in Bogue, St James 

Jamaica Crime News, St James: The police in St James on Friday, carried out a major operation in the community of Bogue and it resulted in the seizure of Four M-16 Rifles, Four Bullet Proof Vest and Four M-16 Magazines containing over 150 live rounds of ammunition.

No one has been arrested so far in connection with the seizure.

The police have reported that shortly after 12:00 midday on Friday, a joint military team carried out an operation at a section of the Bogue community in Montego Bay known as Ramble Hill.

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Upon reaching the area, the lawmen went to a bushy section of Ramble Hill and a search was carried out of a cluster of rocks.

The lawmen discovered four M-16 assault rifles, four Ballistic vests, and four magazines loaded with over 150 live rounds.  Three of the magazines were the usual Banana Clips while the fourth has an oval shape such as the ones used in mobster movies.

Two of the rifles also appeared to be brand new, while the other two seemed to be in using order.

Also three blue ballistic vests, one which had the word “POLICE” hand-painted on it and the fourth which appeared to be an army green JDF vest.  The painted vest had the marking “M/PATROL  POLICE”, which would appear to signify Motorized Patrol of the Police Unit.

Other accessories such as a WD-40 which is a common rust remover and other mechanical cleaners were also seized.

The scene was processed while the joint forces continued a search of the area.


By Henry Bucknor

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