St James Police Officers Being Sought for Pepper Spraying Security and Patients at Falmouth Hospital

Jamaica Crime News, Trelawny: Investigators attached to the Falmouth and Freeport police departments in St James and Trelawny have now joined forces in a search to identify four police officers who caused mayhem on the ward at the Falmouth Hospital on Tuesday night of June 19th, when they reportedly sprayed three security officers with pepper spray.

Superintendent of police in charge of Trelawny, Dwight Powell, told our news team that the police High command is aware of the incident and an investigation has been launched to identify the police officers involved.

Suspect Arrested in Stone Throwing Saga at Falmouth Hospital Released from Custody

Our news team journeyed to the Falmouth hospital and spoke to several security officers and patients who told us that, shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the four plainclothes officers came to the hospital and wanted to be granted entry.

They were told by the security that visiting hours were long gone and they were unable to let them pass.  The men started to act boisterous and then identified themselves as police officers attached to the St James Division and that they were there to visit a colleague on the ward.

Eventually, the security team sympathized with the cops and allowed them on the ward. After spending some time with their sick colleague they were informed that it was time to leave the ward. They again refused and another confrontation developed between themselves and the hospital security team.

While on their way out, the police officers reportedly brandished pepper sprays and sprayed them in the face of the three security officers and then left the compound.  The security guard and several patients on the ward who were affected by the pepper spray were immediately given medical treatment.

We contacted the office of Carlington McLennon, hospital administrator, and were informed that he is aware of the incident but was unable to comment at this time because he was not yet fully briefed on the entire incident.

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