Suspect Arrested in Stone Throwing Saga at Falmouth Hospital Released from Custody

Jamaica News, February 28, 2018 – Stone Throwing Saga at Falmouth Hospital                                                                          

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Falmouth police have confirmed that the man who was taken into custody as a prime suspect in a stone-throwing incident at the Falmouth Hospital on Monday, February 26, has now been released.

The police stated that the suspect was arrested after investigations revealed that he was one of the persons who instigated the stone-throwing attack on the hospital, however, he was questioned, but due to lack of proper identification, they were forced to release him on Tuesday morning.

The incident caused several sections of glass to be broken at the Falmouth Hospital Casualty Department on Monday morning, following a traffic accident which occurred along the Martha Brae main road in Trelawny.

Stone Throwing Saga at Falmouth Hospital: It is also reported that five persons were injured in the accident and one man who succumbed to injuries whilst been treated was a relative of the angry protestors.

Our news team learnt that the accident victims were rushed to the hospital by a private vehicle but family members of the man who died were not satisfied that the doctors at the institution acted swiftly or in the best interest of the patient.

On hearing that the patient had died, several angry men armed themselves with huge stones and hurled them in the Casualty Department at the hospital smashing several glass doors and windows.

The police also stated that up to Tuesday midday, they still had not gotten confirmed reports from the hospital staff of any employee being physically injured due to the attack.

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