St James Police Corporal Being Sought For Corruption Investigations Submits Sick Leave    

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: Our news team has been informed that, a Police Corporal Stationed at the Barnett Street police station in Montego Bay and who is presently being sought in connection with an ongoing corruption investigation, tended in a ten-day sick leave during the course of the weekend.

In the meanwhile, investigators at the Freeport Station have confirmed that the two other Police Constables who are also attached to the Barnett Street Police Station and who were also fingered in the corruption scheme, still remain under house arrest at the Freeport Barracks.

Alleged Corrupt Cops Placed Under House Arrest, Police Corporal Still on the Run

Policeman Assigned to Zone of Special Operation in St James Caught with Stolen Motor Vehicle

The two police officers were taken into custody by detectives attached to the Major Organized Crime Unit  on Thursday, June 14, on suspicion  of Breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act, while the Police  Corporal who was also  alleged to be part of the corruption scheme and who fled the scene during the Sting Operation leaving behind the Patrol vehicle  which was under his supervision, still  has not turned himself over to the police  but instead tended in a sick leave.

Reports are that, last Thursday the two Constables and the Corporal drove to a Chinese-operated store located at the intersection of Corinaldi Avenue and Hart Street, where they allegedly informed the operator that they discovered irregularities at the establishment which is a breach of the law.

The cops also allegedly demanded money from the Chinese owners as payment against them being prosecuted.

It is further alleged that, a sum of the money was paid over to the three Police Officers and arrangements made to pay the remainder at a later date.

The operator then made enquires to determine if the officers were acting within the law and later decided to make an official report to the police.

An official report was then made to MOCA and a sting operation set up to nab the alleged corrupt cops.

On Thursday,  the accused police officers drove back to the Chinese store with an expectation to collect the remainder of the money, but upon reaching the store they were accosted by plainclothes officers attached to  MOCA.

The two Constables were reportedly taken into custody while the Police Corporal upon seeing what was taking place, jumped from the service vehicle and fled the scene on foot. He is still being sought.

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