St James Municipal Corporation Asleep at Montego Bay Stop Lights

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor


St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – St James Municipal Corporation: motorists who use sections of the North Coast Highway, which leads from Montego Bay to Hopewell are now lashing out at the St James Municipal Corporation for allowing one of their major stop lights to be non-functional since the past three days.


The Stop Light in Reading District, St James, located at the intersection of Long Hill and the North Coast Highway leading to Hopewell, has been out of service since the heavy rainfall begun some three days ago.


The unavailability of the Reading Stop Light is a major dent in the traffic flow, which is now causing mayhem and panic at that sections of the roadway, especially during peak hours.


St James Municipal Corporation
Photo by Henry Bucknor (Mckoy’s News Manager) Reading Stop Lights at Reading District in St James which has been non-functional since the past three days and has been left unattended by the relevant authorities.
Traffic which flows from Long Hill and Anchovy was forced to a major standstill for hours,  motorists using the free flow of the highway, speed through the traffic light because it is out of use. Motorists say they are now seeking assistance from  Freeport Traffic Department, while calling on the Mayor and his team at the Municipal Corporation to address the situation.


Mckoy’s News learned that since the lights have ceased to function, a number of minor accidents have occurred in the area which resulted in motorist sustaining injuries and their vehicles badly damaged.

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