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Robot Falmouth Taxi Driver Killed, Passengers Ran Leaving Him

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Falmouth Taxi Driver Killed: the Trelawny police are gathering information into the murder of an illegal taxi operator, killed while in route on Tuesday night May, 16.

The dead taxi man is identified as 36-year-old Dwayne Mariett, also known as “Paul,” who hails from Daniel Town, Trelawny.

Mckoy’s News has learnt that the taxi which takes passengers between Falmouth and Florence Hall, Trelawny, was in route along a section of Seaboard Street, with a load f passengers, when about 8:30 pm a car with gunmen drove along side the driver’s side and sprayed it with bullets.

We are told that the screaming passengers of the taxi fled out of the taxi leaving the shot-up driver. No passenger was hurt in the attack.

Marriet was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Falmouth police have not yet identified motive for the killing.

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