St James Jail Overfilled – Thousands of Residents Calling JDF Tip Line

Jamaican News, January 31, 2016

St James Jamaica (McKoy’s News) St James Jail Overfilled: the number of persons detained in St James as the State of Emergency continues the parish has risen to over 500, causing strain on the remand centre in the parish. Therefore according to National Security Minister, Robert Montague, being housed in Kingston at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre and St Catherine at the Tamarind Farm Adult Correctional Centre which are larger facilities.

Speaking with the media on Friday, January 26, at the Carl Rattray Staff College for Human Resource Development/Training in St Ann, Minister Montague has explained the necessity to transport the inmates to these larger jails that the persons of interest or wanted who are detained during the State of Emergency are protected.

St James Jail Overfilled: the Minster attributes the St James jails being filled to the massive response by residents to appeals to provide information on criminal activities via the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) tip line, which has resulted in the detention of a growing number of suspects.

“We have designated a section separate from where other inmates and those who are on appeal at Horizon are… a totally separate space that meets the standards internationally, for holding persons,” Montague said. “We have identified currently 50 spaces, and we are working at Tamarind Farm… We have a brand new wing (there) that can house 309.  It’s not yet occupied, and we are therefore moving in the furnishings and the fittings into that space, to take additional persons who have been detained,” he added.

The Security Minister is urging persons who have been listed as ‘wanted’ by the security forces under the State of Emergency, to turn themselves in.

He assures that their safety is guaranteed, as the soldiers and police were given special human rights and customer care service training before the operations began.

“We are determined to respect the human rights of every Jamaican who has been detained, and we will treat them with the dignity that a fellow Jamaican deserves. We have had but one report of any conflict with the public and the security forces, and it has been dealt with,” Montague assured. Adding that the Emergency Powers Review Tribunal is in place, and Legal Aid is available for those who feel that they may need redress.

“We are monitoring the situation.  It is still early days, but we are very pleased with what is happening, and I know also that the good citizens of St James are very pleased,” he continued.

Photo of Jamaican prison General Penitentiary in Kingston ( property of jamaicajoe)

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