Cayman Police Arrest Four Jamaicans for Drug and Human Trafficking

Jamaica News, January 31, 2018

Cayman (Mckoy’s News) Cayman Police Arrest Four Jamaicans: the Cayman Islands police have put a dent in a major ganja bust and human trafficking ring, as they have arrested five (5) men (four (4) of which are Jamaicans) in their country.

Reports are that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) Joint Marine Unit intercepted two separate boats last week Thursday (January 25, 2018) and arrested 36-year-old Yoandy Ebanks of West Bay, Grand Cayman, and 39-year-old Terry Wright of Jamaica. Both men have been remanded in custody when they appeared in court on Monday (January 29, 2018).

Cayman Police Arrest Four Jamaicans: according to the Cayman Islands police, the men have been charged with importation of ganja and various other offences relating to both drug trafficking and human smuggling and have seized the ganja after tracking one of the boats to the West Bay shoreline, where it was abandoned near Uncle Bob’s Road.

Ebanks is facing an additional charge of human trafficking, while Wright has illegal landing added to his charges.

Three other men on the second boat who had previously escaped the police last Thursday were caught and arrested by Customs Officers on Friday in Cayman Brac. The men, who are Jamaicans, have been charged with illegal landing and one with possession of ganja.

The prosecution has stated that the two boats are related, however, two of the Jamaicans in the second boat has not been charged in connection with the ganja seizure as a result of their Attorney stating that they were forced to land on the Brac because of poor weather. They were still remanded and all five men are expected to return to court later this week.

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