Spragga Benz Net Worth 2020: You Won’t Believe How Much The Dancehall DJ Is Worth!

When he first started his career, he was known as ‘Spaghetti’ because he was tall and thin. Fortunately for all of us, he shortened his name to Spragga, and eventually added the Benz, and became a modern legend in the Jamaican dancehall.

But what is Spragga Benz’s net worth in 2020?

Born Carlton Errington Grant in 1969, Spragga Benz is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He’s one of the most successful dancehall DJ’s in history, having been signed to some of the biggest labels in the world, including VP and Capitol Records. He had an incredible stroke of luck when he did a Dubplate recording session with the legendary Buju Banton, and this is how his career started climbing to the top.

What is Spragga Benz’s net worth in 2020? Let’s look at what we know.

Spragga Benz Net Worth 2020
As of this writing on March 25, 2020, Spragga Benz’s net worth in 2020 is $5 million USD. He has made this money from a variety of outlets, including the royalties on his music, collaborations with other artists, and royalties from his acting career.

As one of the most successful artists in dancehall today, Spragga Benz knows that it’s important to diversify your interests, and go above and beyond music to make a good living. For that reason, he has appeared in a number of popular movies. Most famously, he’s appeared in the film Shottaz, but he’s also appeared in Brooklyn Babylon as himself.

Spragga Benz has had a life filled with both tragedy and triumph. On the tragedy side, his son Carlton Grant Jr. was shot and killed in Jamaica in 2008. Grant played a younger version of his father in the film Shottaz, and it was the Jamaican police that killed Grant after a stand-off. After his son was killed, Spragga Benz founded the Carlisle Foundation, which aims to help the youth of Jamaica.

But on the triumph side, Spragga Benz recently found love again. Though he doesn’t talk much about his private life, it’s been rumored that Foxy Brown — with whom he collaborated on the song “Oh Yeah” — is currently deeply involved with the dancehall DJ. She said that Spragga Benz is the only man to “ever hold her heart,” and there are rumors that her daughter’s father is none other than the “Shotta Culture” star.

Spragga Benz Feud With Vybz Kartel
There was a time when Spragga Benz nearly feuded with Vybz Kartel — but the DJ made clear that he has a lot of respect for the legend and had no interest in fighting with him.

“I have been here before him; naw take nothing from him, but I was here before he came. I was one a them people who used to write with him to, or write fi him to. Because we write songs where me and him perform where a me write. Naw take nothing from him, he is a very talented artiste but mi no consider it that way like we fi burn cause anybody could a get burn,” he said. “He’s a deejay weh me respect but not a deejay who me fear.”

Congratulations to Spragga Benz for having such a high net worth in 2020 and beyond.


Source: Dancehallmag

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