Aidonia Drops Two Bangers In One Video With ‘Datz Ah Trap Movie (Episode #1)’

There’s been a lot of talk on social media recently about Aidonia’s career and speculation that his grip on Dancehall may be waning. These rumblings have been caused by the fact that he has become extremely selective about what he drops now but almost everything he touches turns to gold and that’s been made evident once again with his latest project Datz Ah Trap Movie (Episode 1).

The video, which premiered on YouTube yesterday (March 26th), has already racked up over 48 000 views.  It opens with Aidonia, whose real name is Sheldon Lawrence, and a couple of friends playing what sounds like EA’s FIFA football game and fussing about the low level of their supplies (marijuana). A third friend enters and saves the day by making a call to his friend who is a dealer. Before Aidonia’s vocals enter the scene, it seems like a crate of marijuana has arrived.

The mini movie eventually transitions into a track, which entitled, Up On the Moon. The intent of this part of the video is then made apparent and it is a love song to marijuana. Aidonia begins with “Light up the Kush.”

The track is not typical from the Kutch artiste and is heavily infused with elements of Hip Hop. It’s not a bad sound for Aidonia’s heavy base but is definitely experimental and not a bad one either. The beat permeates throughout the track and he maintains the hype throughout it. The beat is catchy and this will surely be another one of Aidonia’s bangers.

“Indica weed make me sleep on the couch and forget me have something to do,” he raps in his own familiar Dancehall style.

The two friends, who are not identified but must surely be a part of 4th Genna Music, also jump in on the rhythm, putting their own spin on the engagingly frantic beat. As the video progresses it goes to various party scenes where marijuana is the focus of the party. Following a night of indulgent all three artistes can’t get up and are visited by another crew of friends.

With the entry of the new crew Aidonia makes an exit to his bathroom, where there is a flawless transition into his second song Clean and Trendy. This one is more of his usual style and the scene changes to Aidonia managing his Merecedes Benz vehicles and money.

During this part of the video Govana makes a small cameo. This track is dedicated to the Genna’s style, as he puts it: “”Ha-choo she sneeze. Mi sweet and scenty CREED it, high like weed from Sanity Havenly style dem, Jesus send me.”

Fans immediately commented showing their support for his fresh artistic attempt.
One fan said: “Big up Aidonia love the effort that was out into this, Aidonia has always tried to be different when everybody else was all trying to be the same,” another commented: “Love how the genna makes his videos like a real movie,” and another praised his approach: “Creative content & creative Edit. People plz don’t forget the film man dem & the graphics man dem.”

One fan even said that Aidonia and Vybz Kartel are the best in Dancehall and remind him of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“In football you have Messi and Ronaldo… in dancehall you have Aidonia and Vybz kartel…. there is no competition!!!! Them inna one league by themselves…. no bbc joke .”

As with most Aidonia tracks this one is destined for the top of the charts and the video will most likely bring in thousands of views as he continues to keep his fans satisfied while taking his time to create a more artistic approach to Dancehall.


Source: Dancehallmag

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