Sikka Rymes Net Worth 2020: How Much Did Vybz Kartel’s Cousin Make So Far?

He may be the cousin of one of the most famous artistes in the dancehall, but Sikka Rymes has a great career of his own. That’s why we decided to take a look at Sikka Rymes’ net worth in 2020. How much did Vybz Kartel’s cousin make so far, this year?

Some fans of dancehall were worried about him a few months ago when it was revealed that he had been shot three times in December 2019, and was listed as in critical condition at the Kingston Public Hospital in Jamaica. Obviously, he survived the shooting, but for a while, the situation looked dire.

What is Sikka Rymes’ net worth in 2020? Let’s look at what we know.


Sikka Rymes Net Worth 2020
As of this writing on March 25, 2020, Sikka Rymes has a net worth of $1.5 million USD. He made this money from the sales of his songs, from live touring, and from producing songs in his native Jamaica and beyond.

Outside of a few communities in the United States that have their roots in the Caribbean, dancehall music doesn’t have the same cultural impact as it does in Jamaica. However, there are plenty of opportunities for dancehall artists to cross over into the American mainstream — and one of the biggest ways is through American rappers.

And things are no different for Sikka Rymes. the late rapper XXXTentacion knew enough to feature him in his video for “Royalty,” which also featured a who’s who of the Jamaican dancehall that included Vybz Kartel and Ky-Mani Marley. In fact, the song “Royalty” — which you can listen to below — is a tribute to dancehall music.

Speaking of royalty, Sikka Rymes himself comes from dancehall royalty. Though he’s most famously known as Vybz Kartel’s cousin, he’s also the cousin of rising reggae superstar Shawn Storm. Sikka Rymes is also considered part of the “Gaza Family,” and while that term originally only referred to people from the town of Portsmore in Jamaica, it’s now used to refer to the musical movement headed up by Vybz Kartel.


Sikka Rymes New Music
Sikka Rymes is not content with resting on his laurels or his family name, which is why he recently put out new music with Vybz Kartel and the Gaza family. He recently released a song called “Heavy Weight,” which pays tribute to the thick and curvy girls, with the legendary incarcerated DJ.

This is definitely not the first time that the legend and his charge have collaborated, though this is certainly the most recent time. Back in 2019, they released the joint single “Like I’m Superman,” and most famously, they also released the song called “Celebration.”

And no matter what the controversy surrounding Vybz Kartel, Sikka Rymes says he’s proud of the master. “We reside in the same community, and as a young artist, I got introduced to him by my cousin, Shawn Storm. At the moment, I’m not signed to any labels under the Gaza brand, but my label, which is Sikk Records, is all about the Gaza movement and maintaining it. The affiliation with the deejay will bring me under the microscopes, yes, but I’m not worried about that,” he said.

With such great music and an even better affiliation, it’s no wonder that Sikka Rymes has such a high net worth in 2020.


Source: Dancehallmag

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