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“There’s something about Jamaica” Week 5 – Parenting in Jamaica

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Parenting in Jamaica is a matter of urgency and great concern. I know that there are parents who try their best to teach, love and nurture their children to the best of their abilities.

I know hard-working Jamaican Mothers and Fathers who go above and beyond, to ensure a good life for their children; and, I can understand the stories of the many single mothers who have to be mom and dad to our children.

When I think about the scope of things in Jamaica when it comes to the high level of illiteracy which exists among young people, gang culture, teenage pregnancy, human trafficking, carnal abuse and a host of other issues which affect our youths. I can only conclude that parenting is in a crisis in Jamaica.


There are alarming statistics to support my opinion. I want to encourage persons interested in finding out more on the numbers to check  with the Child Development Agency or the Office of  the Children’s Registry. But a good example is that which we have seen in the last 20 years, or so. A high number of children and teenagers having children themselves.


When these unprepared young people do not get the support and help that they need in raising their children, (which they rarely get) we find that they do so in a vicious cycle of trial and error. The babies who are born into such situations have no choice but to learn what they live. So may times what they are learning is not what they need to know. Another example of how parenting needs an intervention in Jamaica is supported by the fact that there are many youth gangs in the country. Gangs are formed mostly among young boys in School and then later extended into our communities. Let’s think about it, how can so many young men be convinced to join gangs, if they are coming from stable homes with the conscious parenting?

Why are there so many stories of young girls having relationships with way older men, while mothers are comfortable collecting that man’s  money from their daughters?  and why are there so many single mothers raising children in Jamaica? Fatherless boys and girls are lacking an essential component in their upbringing – which is a Father.  And the last example I would like to give on the subject of parenting in Jamaica, is that of the overuse of the internet/ social media by children and teenagers. Where are the parents when their children are roaming the web looking at all sorts of graphic images, traumatising scenes and even participating in illicit activities?


Parenting in Jamaica

It is high time that we come to grips withe the facts of our present situation.  The Jamaican family is broken and needs healing.  Healing begins at home and we owe it to our children to provide a home which is nurturing, wholesome and filled with love. Parents need to understand that after a child comes into their lives a lot has to change. from how you spend their time to the things they say and even their moral code.


It is not fair to children to have adults taking them through their trials and errors or for them to go through a childhood and adolescence filled with stress, neglect or guilt.

I know that there is no one set of rules for parenting. Each family will choose their way or keep to certain traditions; I realise that the lack of parenting in Jamaica is a part of the vicious system which governs or society. But I also know that values and morals are the cornerstones to building a better nation, and are essential for positive results from our youths.

Unless we instill the right ideas, values and expectations into our children from early; we face an uncertain future.

The young ones of today will be the adults of tomorrow. What type of adults do we want to have 20 years from now? and when we answer that question, it should be for a different set from a lot of what we see in the young people of today. If that is truly what well thinking Jamaicans want then we must be better parents to our children.


Put aside our pride, ignorance and selfish desires and play more active roles in our children’s lives. Build their confidence and show love and we will see a better Jamaica in the future. 

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