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Thief shot by homeowner, as he tried to break into home

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – Thief shot by homeowner on break in – A robber who was caught breaking into a premise at Coral Gardens in Montego Bay, St. James on Sunday morning was shot and wounded by a licenses firearm holder who is the owner of the premise.

Reports are that, about 4:00 am on Sunday the owner of the house on Irwin Drive, in Coral Gardens was awoken from his sleep by strange noise coming from the rear of the house.

He got up from bed and saw a man in the process of breaking into his house.

The Licenses firearm holder open fire hitting the gunman who managed to run from the premise and escape in the area.

The Coral Gardens Police were alerted and an investigation was carried out at the scene which revealed a trail of
blood leading into bushes.

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