Sisters Chopped up by Neighbour in Old Harbour

The town of Old Harbour was once again plunged into bewilderment when two sisters aged eleven and thirteen years old were attacked and chopped up by a man who is said to be their neighbour last night.

According to police reports the sisters were briefly left at home by their stepfather who had gone to escort their mother home when the younger sister discovered that a Neighbour was sexually molesting her older sister. She made an alarm and the man allegedly attacked them both, chopping them with a cutlass.

The parents came home and discovered the girls and had them rushed to the hospital where they are admitted in serious condition.

Residents of the community went searching for the suspect at a home he shared with his sister. When they discovered that he wasn’t there they set the one-bedroom dwelling on fire. His sister was not injured.

The Old Harbour Police are investigating.


Source: Ripe Mango News

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