Shooter who Accidentally Shot Female in St Andrew is Said to be a Policeman 

Jamaica News, Kingston: The independent Commission of Investigation  (INDECOM)  have indicated that they have now commenced a probe into the circumstances surrounding an incident in the parish of St Andrew on Thursday morning, where a policeman allegedly fired shots at a windscreen wiper and accidentally shot and wounded an elderly female in the Liguanea area.

In the meanwhile, our news team has learnt that the windscreen wiper who gave his name as Richard Rhoden and the policeman in question both gave conflicting stories.

Rhoden is said to have reported that shortly after 8:00 a.m., the plainclothes cop was driving in the Liguanea area when he approached his car and attempted to clean the windscreen.

He further stated that he was ordered by the cop to leave his vehicle alone and he did the same, but the police officer pulled up at a nearby service station and chased him with his firearm.

He further pointed out that the cop fired two shots in his direction and that was when one of the stray bullets accidentally hit the elderly woman, who was walking from a store in the area.

A police source told our news team that the officer in question gave a totally different side of the story.

According to the police source, the windscreen wiper did approach the cop to clean the windscreen, but he informed him to leave it alone.  It is further reported that the windscreen wiper continue to wipe the glass and an argument developed between him and the plainclothes cop.

The windscreen wiper then allegedly threatened the cop, at what time he stepped from his car to reprimand him.

The windscreen wiper allegedly advanced at the cop at that was when caution rounds were discharged from the weapon.

The police source continued to relate that, up to date it is still not certain if the female was accidentally shot by the plainclothes cop.

The wounded female has since been treated at hospital.


By Henry Bucknor

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