Serena Williams Is Getting Cyberbullied for Her Eyebrows and It’s Ridiculous

 Jamaica News, For some reason, when some people look at Serena Williams‘s Instagram account, they don’t see her adorable daughter Alexis Olympia, her 23 Grand Slam trophies, or her general badassery. In fact, as seen in the comments section of one of the tennis pro’s most recent posts, sometimes these cyberbullies focus on are the most tiny, inconsequential aspects of Williams’s outward appearance. On Wednesday, she posted a sweet selfie of her holding Alexis in a kitchen, and instead of being overcome by the cuteness of the mother-daughter shot, several commenters took it upon themselves to drag Williams’s eyebrows.

“Them eyebrows need to be brushed back!” one commenter wrote, while others added, “U realli need a wax on them brows tho,” and “I love you Venius and wonderful family. I just want them to do your eyebrows. Thats it!” For the record, nowhere in Williams’s caption — “Mama bear and baby cub” — did she ask for her followers’ opinions of her physical appearance; nor do any of these commenters have the right to leave such rude comments on a real person’s photo. What Williams chooses to do with her body is totally her decision, and she definitely doesn’t need any tips or comments about eyebrow grooming from strangers on the Internet.

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