Sean Paul Clears Up His Fans’ Most Hilarious Misheard Lyrics

World-renowned dancehall superstar Sean Paul visited with the folks over at Capital Xtra a few weeks ago to finally clear up some of his fans’ misconstrued lyrics to his songs.

The usually easygoing entertainer took some hard blows while reading the savagely hacked lyrics fans have used to get their way through his tunes. Thankfully he was now able to get Denzel Washington out of his bed and finally stop smoking cheese.

Sean, like many dancehall deejays, often use tongue twisting jargons and phrases to symphonize words to effect rhyming or simply for impact. While it is expected for fans especially foreigners to mistake his lyrics, some of these misheard verses are so over-extended and downright hilarious that they had Paul laughing all the way through the entire session.

First on the chopping block Temperature.

Sean Paul - Temperature (Official Video)

Down for the fun and in his iconic singing voice, Sean belted out, “The gyal dem stole our tea, fight me lemon, farty naughty shark tea!”

The actual lyrics: ‘The gyal dem Schillaci, five million and forty naughty shawty.”

Once he cleared that up, went on to explain that Schillaci refers to the skillful Italian footballer Salvatore Schillaci. Many Jamaicans have adapted his name as a way to emphasize their adept ability in doing something. Sean in this case is the Schillaci with the ladies. Five million and forty naughty shawty (girls) was his estimation of how many female fans he thought he had at the time when he wrote the song.

Other severely hacked sections were ‘I got the right temperature ‘fish hat’ (correction: ‘fi shelter’) you from the storm…. Oh Lord, and I got the right tactics to turn you on, ‘Angola’ (correction: ‘and girl I’) wanna be the papa, you can be the ‘mall’ (correction: ‘mom’).

Like Glue – This was perhaps the most jacked up of them all.

Sean Paul - Like Glue (Official Video)

‘Feel that chain now, Sean da Paul … saw my ghost again’

The actual lyrics: ‘Feel that track now, Sean da Paul … so mi go so den’

….’still I got a stick to my girls like glue and ‘I’m a lovely number two’

The actual lyrics: ‘I man nah play number two’.

‘All I know the Thomas (the train) is getting jel, need a lot of cheese up in ma head, got a little Denzel in my bed to run that red’.

The actual lyrics: ‘All I know that time is getting dread, need a lot of trees (marijuana) up in my head, got a little damsel in my bed’).

We Be Burning was next

Sean Paul - We Be Burnin' (Recognize It) [Official Video]

With a slew of more misheard ‘cheese’ phrases, Sean eventually gave up half way through the reading, “This one is really messed up guys, I don’t know where you got these from,” he said while tossing off the flashcard to the producers.

Get Busy

Sean Paul - Get Busy/Like Glue (Official Video)

He finished up with Get Busy and regrettably informed everyone that while he loves the country Ghana he was not nodding their beauty queen in the song, neither does he eat ‘Donna’ sandwiches and very importantly doesn’t get turned on by bits of wood.

Check out the full episode of Sean Paul deciphering his fan’s crazy and funny hacked lyrics below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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