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Sean Paul and Jinx Welcomes Son Levi Blaze

Dancehall artiste Sean Paul and his wife Jodi “Jinx” Henriques are singing Rockabye Baby in a real way, as they welcome their new-born, first-born son – Mr. Levi Blaze Henriques.

Sean Paul, 44-years-old and wife “Jinx,” Jamaican TV presenter got married in May 2012. The Dancehall star announced the birth of his first child born on Instagram on Sunday, Feb 26 with the picture above of the trio and caption:

“AN THEN THERE WERE 3 BIG UP MI SON THE REAL BOSS LEVI BLAZE HENRIQUES AN MY WIFE THE BOSS MOMMY,” he captioned the Instagram post of the trio lying down – parents looking with admiration at their bundle of joy.

Earlier in December 2016, Paul told BBC News in an interview that he has been preparing himself for the change of being a fist time dad.

“My wife’s been doing a lot of preparation and warning me,” Paul said. “But I’ve always been like, ‘Ach, I’ll be a great dad.’” Sean Paul added: “Then there’s times when I’m talking out loud and I’m realizing that I’m going to have to clean that filthy mouth out!”

Sean Paul and Jinx Welcomes Son Levi Blaze Shares First Photo

Sean Paul and Jinx Welcomes Son Levi Blaze
Sean Paul and Jinx Welcomes Son Levi Blaze

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