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Some Golf Carts for Police Patrol Please Minister Montague

Since retiring from social and community work, I have more time to reassess the way how things have unfolded within the circle of people, thinking and doing business with the country’s security apparatus. I felt more relaxed with my “thinking nursery” expanded way above capacity. This of course, allows me to think more positive and with the right attitude. Things have becomes much clearer and visionary within the executions of my making suggestions and recommendations for getting things done, and not just done but, in a timely and productive way.

It’s very important that I share these and other valuable suggestions with the public but more so, those in authority.

Having said that, I think it does not cost me anything to share some much-needed concerns with Security Minister Montague.  Hopefully, I do hope he will heed to my suggestions and concerns.  Since he is the man in charge of our nation’s security – and the buck stops at his desk. Well, since I am still living under strident circumstances and without fear out here in the west, Montego Bay – to be exact.

Primarily with so many chicken losing their head, “oops,” I mean people, may I suggest that the minister look into the possibility of purchasing some Golf Carts for the hard-working men and women under his command?

Lets Explore The Benefits of Police Using Golf Carts to Assist in Their Patrol Work

You see Mr Minister, these carts are cost effective. They don’t need much wear and tear. In fact, they only use a six volt battery, which can run up to three days without recharging. This cart doesn’t need petrol to work. Each cart can carry up to four or six people at any given time. With the over twenty police branches here in the parish of St. James, it would certainly comes in handy to use these gulf carts for beet and mobile patrols through the city, including some of the designated hot spots. In fact, the Coral Garden police division would do well with at least four of those carts, since it is the most important of all divisions within the area one region.

This division oversees some of the most luxury hotels, like, Sandals Bay Rock, and Sandals Royal, Half Moon, Holiday Inn Sun Spree, Coyaba, Cari Blue Hotel and the newly built Riu Hotel chain. It The Coral Garden Police also have to patrol some of the most luxurious villas and private homes in the upscale communities of Spring Farm, Iron Shore, Coral Garden, Hatfield Meadows and Torodo Heights among others. There is also the business district of Blue Diamond, Witter Village and the Rose Hall Tourist Shopping Village. Not to mention the Hot-Pepper-Pot Community of Flankers. And please sir, some more police staff would be of great help for this division too.

These Police Golf Carts would be of significant benefit to this well populated “police district.” Some could also be deployed along the Gloucester Avenue (Popular called the Hip-Strip). We could even use them in and around the city of Montego Bay, Westgate and the Fair View shopping mall.

Since we are contemplating fitting our officers with body cameras, these gulf carts could also fitted with two-way radios along with TV cameras for patrol duties. You see Mr. Minister, I have been an active member of the Montego Bay community, and I see the need for utilizing all the necessary precautionary measures in ensuring a safe and secured community, for both our visitors and locals alike.

Purchasing of these golf carts are much cheaper and cost-effective in helping to solve some of your many concerns about crime fighting techniques’

Finally Mr. Minister, often times, citizens have complained that they are seeing regular police patrol in their neighbourhood, this would be a High-Five for both you and your hard-working team of crime fighters.

In closing, I do hope that my suggestion is not only emphasizing on providing security for our visitors alone, but instead, the wider community of St. James and it’s environs. Truth is, if the minister is really serious about preventing crime here in St. James, then he needs to acknowledge that he alone cannot do so. Instead he should gravitate towards all the help available unto him. Amen.

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