Lisa Hanna Unapologetic

Lisa Hanna Unapologetic on Kartel’s Music

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Last week the outspoken PNP St. Ann Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna began receiving death threats after she spoke-out on radio about Vybz Kartel being allowed to record music from prison, after he was convicted for murder.

She was again in the Media, unwavering about her take on artiste recording music from prison that are played on the radio.

“I’m an unapologetic lover of music, including dancehall. But there’s no necessity for some artistes to use music as a medium for promoting violence and abuse of women. The data confirm that violent and sexually explicit lyrics have negatively influenced many Jamaican youth’s thought processes through increased feelings of hostility and aggression. These negative influences are exacerbated when we turn a blind eye to radio airplay of new productions by people we know are incarcerated and so may have been abetted by corruption in our prison system.”

Hanna had this to say about the attacks she has received via Instagram:

“But the disgusting comments on my social media pages exposed the dark and vitriolic underbelly of this new normal, and justified the point I was making. The undisguised violence and vulgarity of the disagreements posted and the sheer volume of antisocial attitudes were like megaphones screaming at Jamaicans to wake up and smell the decay into which Jamaica’s proud history of decency and mutual respect have plummeted.”

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner, Clifford Chambers speaking with Nationwide Radio, revealed the security arrangement for Hanna has been examined, and a decision on the level of security she receives has already been made.

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