Robert Fowler Remanded into Custody

The Portmore police have reported that 50-year-old mechanic, Robert Fowler, who was charged in connection with the murder of 20-year-old Accounting Clerk, Khanice Jackson, was remanded into custody when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court, on Friday, April 9.
The case, which was scheduled to be heard in the St Catherine Parish Court, was moved to the Home Circuit Court after the Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn, requested to bypass proceedings in the parish court, and moved over to the high court.
Clarke was charged with the murder on Tuesday, March 30, and is scheduled to appear in Court on April 9.
Reports are that the accused who picked up Jackson outside her home along Manchester Avenue, March 24, and while he was in the process of transporting her to work, he informed her that he had left a piece of tool which he needed to work with, at Bowla’s Motoring World.
He then drove to his home, allegedly to pick up the piece of tool, and somehow managed to force the young woman into his house between the hours of 7:00 am, to 9:00 am.
He then, allegedly raped her, after which he also allegedly strangled her to death, after which he left her body at his house and went to work as if nothing had happened. He later returned and removed her body, and took it to a section of Portmore, with the intention of dumping his victim, but then changed his mind.
Fowler then transported Jackson’s body, to a section of Dyke Road, outside the fishing village, where he dumped it.
After being arrested for the crime, he took the police to a section of Cross Roads where he claimed he had dumped her clothing, but they were not found, but a search of his house led to the discovery of the woman’s handbag, and he bank card.
The accused who is represented by Attorney at law, Lyndel Wellesley, was ordered to be brought back to court on July 8, after the Court heard that the case file was not yet completed.

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