Shot cop is 'fine'

Robber Fatally Shot, After Knocking Police Constable Unconscious

The St James police are asking members of the public for assistance to identify a robber, who was fatally shot by the police in Barrett Town, St James, earlier this week, after he allegedly attacked, and knocked one of the officers unconscious with a wrench.
Reports by the Barrett Town police are that shortly after 10:00 pm, a team of officers attached to the Barrett Town police station, responded to reports of a break-in in progress, at premises in the community.
The lawmen drove to the location, and upon their arrival,  they noticed a white Toyota Corolla motor car parked outside the premises where the robbery was reported to be taking place.
The officer approached the house when a man was seen running from the building, and escaped into nearby bushes.
The officer further reported that they noticed that the robbers had gained access through a window of the house, and two of the policemen proceeded into the dwelling through the said window.
While on the inside of the house, one police Constable pushed open a door to a rear room, and he was immediately knocked unconscious by the unidentified robber who was hiding on the inside of the building.
As the Constable fell to the ground unconscious, the robber launched a second attack on him, but his colleague who had gone inside another room of the house overheard the crashing sounds and came to his assistance.
He was just in time to see the unidentified male in the process of again striking his colleague, when he opened fire, hitting him.
The officer then called for assistance from the Barrett Town station, and soon after, other officers arrived on the scene and transported the unconscious cop, and the wounded robber to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, and the cop treated and admitted.
It took the police over an hour to carry out a more careful search of the premises, and also to remove the body of the unidentified robber from the dwelling, which was bolted from inside.
The Toyota motor car which the police say is believed to have been stolen by the men from the same premises was transported to the Barrett Town police station.
In the meanwhile, residents living in Barrett Town commended the police in bringing the robber to justice.

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