Reggae Legend Estate

What do we consider to be sacred? Is Reggae and culture as sacred as we think. Or is it merely an attraction. We are filled with National treasures on this island and one of those is based somewhere right here in Kingston. The very mentality that we can head to the hills and escape the hustle and bustle of the daily grind of city life. Well let me welcome you to “REGGAE LEGEND ESTATE” . Based at the skyline end of Jacks Hill.

Well this hide out (feels like it is) is a jewel in the lush green mountains of St Andrew. The families and names that have come together to offer the experience of what Reggae Mountains is, has all the heads turning as well. REGGAE LEGEND ESTATE is the name and is where we want everyone to just come and be a part of nature, Jamaica and our vibe. A quote from Andrew Reid. There is a spa, a restaurant,  Dub Club and a vibe like no where else on the island.

On the 27th they offer to the world and Jamaica. A Premium Sunday Brunch featuring none other than legendary Ken Booth. So its safe to say “Reggae Mountains Legends Brunch” with dining at Reggae Mountains Lounge which is run by Kamila McDonald. We all know what comes with Kamila. She brings all the healthy tips to the life and to the kitchen. It ha everything on the hill. Its everything on the hill.

This week end is where you wanna be and where we all should be.

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