Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness on IMF

P. M Holness “What the public understands to be crime fighting is not the reality “

St. Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – Prime Minister, Hon. Andrew Holness, in discussion of his first year in leadership of Jamaica, states that the people’s opinion of crime fighting is not a reality of what the Government can carry out.

Does The Jamaican Government Have A Crime Fighting Plan?  

In a recent interview with the media, Holness stated citizens disapproval of his recently announced crime fighting matrix was based on a false premise that he was scheduled to announce a ‘crime plan’ and a disconnect about what crime-fighting represents.

“What the public understands to be crime fighting, or what the public expects, is not the reality of what the Government can implement. People want to see tough measures on crime, and by tough measures, they expect hangings and states of emergency, but if you step back from the emotional response, you will see we have tried those before, and they have not worked,” Holness told on media house.

“The option of going out and tearing down people’s homes, shooting before being certain, or using abusive force is not available to us, and for me as a person, that is not in my character, and, therefore, as leader of this country, that will never happen under my watch.” the Prime Minister assured adamantly.

Prime Minster Holness  revealed that his administration intends to take a more balanced approach, which he expects to be more effective in fighting crime.

“There are other elements to come which have to do with the powers that the police will have; the powers that already exist, which we will be bringing policy direction towards; and the provision of resources,” explained Holness, in speaking to the media house.

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