Police Investigating Threats Against Lisa Hanna From Kartel Fans

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Police say they have now launched an investigation into the alleged Kartel Fans social media threats against Member of Parliament (M.P), Lisa Hanna.

The threats against the St. Ann M.P. by Vybz Kartel fans erupted after Hanna had a radio interview, and answered questions regarding the incarcerated star’s music while in prison.

During the discussion session on Nationwide 90 FM, Wednesday, Hanna was asked whether corruption is involved in the recording of songs by the incarcerated DJ.

When asked whether the music of convicted persons should be banned from the electronic media, Hanna responded,

“… I am prepared to have that discussion, coming to a decision that says, in the best interest of our country, we have to identify what rules are rules and what privileges are privileges. If you are convicted, perhaps it is your music need not be played on the radio.”

Hanna’s response have caused so much commotion, much so that even music producer ‘Skatta’ Burrell have weighed in to say Kartel is free to record his music from prison.

Burrell believes that the locked-up Kartel can record new music during his phone call time.

He states that banning Kartel’s music would cut against the Deejay’s civil rights.

Kartel Fans

Since then, fans of Kartel on social-media have issued death threats to the politician for exercising her freedom of speech rights.

One user even suggested rape as a punishment for Hanna in disrespecting Kartel.

As per Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers, head of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (CTOC) branch – a profile of risk against Hanna is will be completed today, Friday – after which, the results will tell the police as to whether more security needs to be assigned to the former beauty queen – turned politician.

Assistant Commissioner Chambers said based on the threats, criminal breach is identified, and persons making the threats could be arrested and charged.

“We are going to go through the details, go through the messages, and try and link those messages with a sender,” Chambers stated.

Warning – making threats online is illegal too

Chambers is issuing  a warning to persons to desist from threatening Hanna as it is an illegal to do so, and the perpetrators can be charged under Section 9 Subsection 1 of the Cyber Crimes Act.

Police say they will spear no efforts in tracking down, and arresting persons who threaten others using the internet.

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