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Death Squad Trial Continues Police Witness Testified

Kingston, Jamaica (McN)Death Squad Trial Continues: Sergeant Leonard Blair and Detective Inspector Balvey Thomas both testified in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday regarding the Windsor Avenue in May Pen, Clarendon crime scene of the where two men were shot, one fatally and the other seriously injured, reportedly by two cops.

First Witness Testimony in Death Squad Trial

Detective Inspector Balvey Thomas testified that Corporal Rohan Morrison and Constable Collis Brown, who are being tried for murder 20-year-old Fabian Dinal, and wounding with intent of another man, told him that on the day of the shooting they were challenged by gunmen.

Inspector Thomas continued to state that the police officers on trial told him that they went to Windsor Avenue on report that men were in the area extorting business people and robbing “higglers.”

According to the Detective Inspector, Brown and Morrison, told him that at the Windsor Avenue location they saw four men, two of whom pulled guns and fired at them after the officers called out to the men. Thomas in his testimony said the accused policemen reported that they returned the fire and the two men were shot.

Second Witness Testimony

Next police witness to take the stand was Sergeant Leonard Blair, who processed the crime scene.

Sergeant Blair testified that the only physical evidence that was taken from the crime scene were two samples of what had appeared to be bloodstains.

Blair gave the court testimony that no spent shell casings or latent marks, including fingerprints, footprints or hand-prints, were found at the scene of the shooting incident.

The Detective Sergeant further testified that after the shooting, he went to Johnson’s Funeral Home for further forensic investigation, and observed a wound to the right cheek and right breast of the deceased Dinal, with bloodstain marks on the his clothing.

The police Sergeant testified that while at the funeral home he swabbed the hands of the deceased for gunshot residue and took the swabs, along with the blood mark samples, to the Government Forensic Laboratory.

Sergeant Roger Kelly and two civilian witnesses took the witness stand on Friday when the trial continued.

[McN Court Report Continues On Monday]

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