Police Sergeant Shot and Injured

Police say Sergeant Killed in Gregory Park on Friday was Targeted

St. Catherine, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) Sergeant Killed in Gregory Park: Police confirm incident of a Police Sergeant shot dead early Friday morning after gunmen approached his car and filled him with bullets.

A police Sergeant was reported as shot multiple times and killed by gunmen on Friday, in the Gregory Park, St Catherine area.

Dead is 55-year-old Sergeant Neville Bryan of Hambleside Drive, Cumberland in St Catherine, who was attached to the Police Emergency Communication Centre (PECC).

St. Catherine police have confirmed that Sergeant Bryan is believed to have been directly targeted and killed.

Reports are that Bryan attended a party in the Caymanas, Gregory Park area on Thursday night into Friday morning.

Police Sergeant Shot Dead Early Friday Morning

While sitting outside of the party in his Toyota motorcar, in the company of two women, two armed men approached and order the women out of the vehicle, then gunmen then proceeded to shoot the Sergeant several times over all over his body.

The two women were unhurt in the incident.

Sergeant Bryan was pronounced dead at hospital.

Police are investigating the motive the lead to the sergeant killed in Gregory Park.

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