Kingston Scotchies Can No Longer Use the Tradmark

Bye, Bye Kingston Scotchies, Trademark Pulled from Chelsea Ave Restaraunt

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) — Kingston Scotchies  booted from using the brand name.

Kingston Scotchies on Chelsea Avenue will no longer exist

The popular jerk restaurant on Chelsea Avenue, Kingston using the trademak “Scotchies” will longer be allowed to use that brand name.

On Friday the Board of Directors of Scotchies Restaurants of Jamaica Limited issued a public notice, that effective February 7, 2017, the restaurant at 2 Chelsea Avenue is no longer allowed to use the trademark “Scotchies.”

The notice says that Scotchies Restaurants took that action “in protection of its interest and of its reputation for quality products and services”.

The St Ann and Montego Bay restaurants will continue to use the trademark “Scotchies”

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