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JLP Politician Peter Sangster Jailed for Forging Portia’s Signature


St. Andrew. Jamaica (McN) – Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) politician and businessman, 47-seven-year-old Peter Sangster of a Cherry Gardens, St. Andrew address, allegedly forged the signature of former prime minster Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, while she was Jamaica’s Prime Minster.

Reportedly, Peter Sangster was arrested on Tuesday March 21 by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), after their intensive investigations.

The politician caretaker for Eastern Kingston, allegedly used documents with the forged signatures of the former Prime Minster to defraud Jamaican telecommunication company, JAMUS Communications Ltd (“JAMUS“).

Reportedly, Peter Sangster was charged on Friday with obtaining property by false pretence and uttering forged document.


Mckoy’s News understands that JAMUS Communcations who is licence to stop international telephony traffic trough the then LIME company, received notice from LIME in 2011 informing them of outstanding levy fees owed to the Universal Service Fund (USF). The notice was then passed on to Sangster, who was also a Director and Authorized officer for JAMUS Communications Ltd. Peter Sangster then assured the company that he could get a waiver to waive he USF fee.

Sangster then convinced the company that instead of paying LIME money to cover the USF levy, it should pay him to acquire the waiver, and not deposit monies into the LIME United States, Citibank account. The company was instructed by Sangster to make deposits to Sangster Group, LLC’s bank account in New York. Assuming he would handle the LIME to USF transaction going forward.

JAMUS then began deposits due to LIME into the “Sangster Group” US bank account, starting in may 2011. After a few months of deposits into the Sangster Group, LLC account, the company contacted LIME to inquire if they were receiving payments.


Lime informed JAMUS that they had not received any money and that the USF levy fee had increased to $200,000.00 USD. However, Sangster continued to tell the company that he was working on securing the waiver, one which he assured the CEO of the company was a first in Jamaica.

The company made a total deposit of $150, 000.00 to the Sangster Group, LLC’s New York Bank of America account, and the Peter and Tania Sangster joint personal Bank of America account at the same Brooklyn, NY Branch.


Subsequent to the to the “JAMUS-LIME” USF fees rising to US$570k; LIME terminated their contact with JAMUS. However, the company continued to make payments into Sangster’s US business account, becaused he promised that the waiver would clear the USF debt. These deposits continued until May 2013.

Sangster allegedly presented the “Instrument of  Waiver,” dated Jan, 9, 2013 to JAMUS Communications, with an alleged fraudulent signature from the then Prime Minster, Hon. Portia Simpson Miller. According to Sangster this waiver was highly confidential and had not been activated, as he need to pay a fee to activate it.

The CEO of JAMUS then deposited US$20, 000.00 into the Peter and Tania Sangster Bank Account, to pay the activation fee.


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Per MOCA documents, when the waiver would not get USF fees dropped. JAMUS hired an attorney. It was discovered that the waiver was fraudulently created, and the then PMs signature was forged. There was also another license document that had the forged signature of the Simpson-Miller, who herself along with other government authorities and handwriting specialist verified that the document was fake and her signature forged.

It was noted that under the Jamaica Telecommunications Act waivers for USF levies cannot be granted.

Sangster Group LLC, is not a legal business in the US, it has an expired business registration in the State of New York. Public documents show that Peter Sangster is the sole member of this “group.”


In its investigations MOCA wrote to the US court in a 14 page letter outlining the alleged criminal deeds of Peter Sangster, and stating “Urgent Request for Assistance in the prosecution of Peter SANGSTER.”

They requested to gain access to the business  and banking records for Sangster Group, LLC and Peter and the Tania Sangster Joint bank account, among all other financial and material assets , and computer(s) of Mr and Mrs. Sangster. This request was granted in 2016.

Peter Sangster is expected to appear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court this week for bail hearing. [/read]


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