Police Says Man Arrested for “Obeah Practice” Not for Abduction

St. Thomas, Jamaica (McN) – The Morant Bay police is setting the record straight, that a man accused in social media of being arrested for abducting a woman, was not arrested for abduction but for practicing Obeah.

A voice note and photos of bottles of liquid which the accused allegedly used on an handkerchief to subdue women, have been spreading across social media.

Police deny that the man tried to abduct a woman.

Instead, the St. Thomas police are confirming that the accused man was taken into custody on suspicion of practicing Obeah. The man was caught with containers of suspicious oils, which is suspected to be Obeah paraphernalia.

Under Jamaican laws, Obeah practice is illegal.

The Practice of Obeah in Jamaica has been highlighted after police brought to light that scammers and criminals are turning to the occult for “spiritual protection.”  National Security Minister, Robert Montague, shed additional light on the practice when he jokingly stated that his uncle is an “Obeah man.”

“Jo Vie” on Facebook posted,

“Arrest the so called fortune tellers advertising on tv also. They are practising obeah too.”

While Leon Pive Shabanka posted,

“They should make spirituality legal and stop using slave masters laws.. this was made illegal because slave use to use it against their masters. Christianity was promoted because it kept the people in check and let slave masters comfortable in power.”

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