Police Detectives Investigating Latest Child Pornography Video

Kingston, Jamaica —  Latest Child Pornography Video: there is a viral pornographic video and picture involving a young child circulating on social media. Police detectives of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) say they are warning the public not to share materials portraying child pornography, as persons can be arrested and prosecuted for doing so.

“This action constitutes an offence under the Child Pornography (Prevention) Act and the Cyber Crimes Act,” said CISCO, while stating that sharing the video can result in further trauma to the child, therefore, if you receive the video, you are urged to delete it.

The police say they are carrying out investigations to find the origin of this very disturbing video.

In 2016 the police established a WhatsApp account to collect materials related to child pornography and child abuse.

Police WhatsApp number is:
1(876) 564-6840 Internationally
564-6840 in Jamaica

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