Police Detain Man after Fake Wanted Man Flyer Claims He is Wanted For Murder

Jamaica News, February 1, 2018

Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Fake Wanted Man Flyer: a Clarendon family wants to set the record straight that they are law-abiding citizens after one of them ended up on a flyer claiming “Most Wanted for Rape and Murder.” The entire family believes that they are being targeted by a man who has a vendetta against the family after his wife in America left him.

The mother of the family is fearful for her flock because this man who lives in the United States, but who she asserts visits Jamaica often has posted several videos on social media claiming that he has Jamaican police on his payroll.

The 53-year-old mother said the man is coming against the rest of her family because her daughter (his wife) left him, and he cannot get her to return.

According to the mother they were married, and have one child together, but he was abusive to her daughter, so she left him. The mother said things between the couple had gotten so bad that her daughter had to go to a homeless shelter in the United States, to get away from her husband.

This man then disgraced her daughter on Facebook, so the mom states that the entire family has blocked him, and refuse to speak with him. However, she says this man constantly threatens the family. She accounts that this man, her ex-son-in-law, threatened to kill them and burn down their house.

The mom claims that these threats have been going on for two years now, but the family has ignored the threats, but now things are getting worst between members of her family and this man; who she says has threatened to get the police in Jamaica (whom he claimed to have on his payroll) to set up her son and kill him, because he wants her daughter to come to funeral in Jamaica.

Fake Wanted Man Flyer

The matriarch said she has now had to hire an attorney-at-law and make a formal report to the police against this man, since things are escalating, after her son’s name and his picture ended up circulating on social media, on a  fake Most Wanted Flyer. The flyer, the mom says listed her son as wanted by the police for rape and murder.

Things rolled away quickly after that when the police picked up her son, 34, and detained him for questioning.

She said her son was picked up by the police, processed and questioned, even about his sister living in “foreign,” then he was released.

The terrified mother says she is frightened that her son was actually picked up by the police randomly, and brought in for questioning when he was not doing anything to provoke being accosted by the cops. Her contention is that if the police have the power to detain an innocent citizen for questioning, then they can actually shoot him, like what the man has threatened.

Fake Wanted Man Flyer: the mom is saying that the police told her that the flyer is fake and not created by the police force because they don’t use the acronym AKA, which is on the flyer and furthermore the police do not display full body pictures of persons wanted. She believes someone must have downloaded the picture of her son from Facebook and made a flyer to say he is wanted for rape and murder.

Not the First Time

The mother says this is not the first time that this man has made a false report to the police against her son, to have her son arrested. She said he contacted the police before to report a gunman, living at a such and such place, and even offered to top-up the cop’s phone with phone credit. But the officer he spoke with knows the family well and did not arrest her son but informed them of the caller.

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