Opposition Senators say No More SOEs

The opposition senators have voted against extending the state of emergency (SOE) recently in the upper house.

The opposition senator Peter Bunting says he was guided by the constitution, as he believes the state of emergency would be violating Jamaicans rights. He believes that the SOE is not the solution to the nation’s crime problems but they should hire more investigators, increase the numbers in the JCF and prepare cases better.

The opposition also believes that the police need to involve more technology when carrying out their duties. They even believe that Zones of Special Operations are a better alternative to the SOE.

However, the cabinet senators opposed this by using statistics which they believe proves that the SOE has reduced crime. Senator Matthew Samuda said when persons are questioned whether they believe in the state of emergency or not, they say they feel safer.

This is also supported by members of the  Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica( PSOJ)who believe the state of emergencies should be extended.

However, no opposition senators had voted for the extension of the SOE. Five opposition senators were missing at the time of the vote. It would have required only 1 senator to vote for the extension of the SOE to be extended.



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