BANGARANG! Omar Collymore ‘Suspect’ in USA Girlfriend’s Murder too

Jamaica News, February 8, 2018

St Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – This tragic story grows larger to include two women Angela Aguiar and Simone Collymore who were shot and killed, leaving hefty insurance money bounty to the same beneficiary. One woman in the United States and the other in Jamaica.  They both were romantically involved with the same man before their murders –  Omar Best, also Omar Collymore, also Omar Best Collymore.

Florida Woman

Angela Aguiar, 38, the 2008 girlfriend of Omar Collymore was gunned down at about 3:30 am. on June 30, 2008, in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Although her killer has not been arrested, court documents in a civil case point out her boyfriend — also her primary life insurance beneficiary — as a suspect.

Court documents demonstrate that Angela Aguiar bought a US$1 million life insurance policy just one month before she was murdered. The insurance named her boyfriend, Omar Best Collymore, as the primary beneficiary.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police reports, Aguiar was murdered in a shooting attack which happened on Northwest Second Avenue near the railroad tracks and Broward County’s Transit bus terminal.

The officer who responded to the call of the murder reportedly wrote that he when he reached the scene he saw Aguiar in the arms of Best Collymore on the ground near the passenger side of their Ford F-150 truck.

There was blood on the car seat.

The Florida police report state that Best Collymore told police that he and Aguiar were on their way to meet with friends at a downtown Ft Lauderdale bar, just before she was shot and killed.

According to the report, the shooting occurred after he parked his vehicle.

The report states the Best Collymore said that he got out of the driver’s seat and bent down to tie his shoelaces, then he heard a “commotion” and he stood up.

He told the lawmen that when he stood up, he walked around the back of the truck and saw a white man who appeared to be homeless standing next to Aguiar with a gun. And reportedly he, Best Collymore shouted an expletive (bad word) and then ran for cover.

Next, he heard gunshots.

According to the what was reported by Best Collymore, he returned to his vehicle to find his girlfriend, Aguiar shot.

An autopsy proved Angela Aguiar was shot in the head and chest. She died leaving a 17-year-old son.

One month later Best Collymore started the paperwork to collect on the $1million US dollar insurance that Aguiar took out just over 1 months before she was murdered.

Aguiar’s son was awarded $600,000 of the 1mil, and Omar Collymore took off with US$400,000. A year later he was living in Jamaica.

The Family of the slain Aguiar is hoping for a break in the 2008 murder case and her killer captured.

Jamaican Woman 

Fast forward to 2018, a wealthy businesswoman on the island of Jamaica, Simone Campbell-Collymore, married Omar Anthony Best-Collymore on May 6, 2010. She too was shot on her way home to her upscale Red Hills area in the parish of St Andrew, on the day after New Years of 2018, when she was gunned down.

Mckoy’s News understands that Mrs Collymore allegedly moved out of the marital home on New Years Day, to one of the houses that she owned.

According to reliable sources, prior to their matrimony union, Best Collymore told Simone Cambell that the money he had was from a car accident.

Shortly after Mrs Collymore’s murder her husband and his friend, a man who is allegedly wanted in the US for the murder of his girlfriend and sister in 2002, showed up at a St Andrew, Jamaica insurance company to collect life insurance money, allegedly worth a whopping 3 billion Jamaican Dollars.

After the murder of his wife, Omar Collymore reported tried to flee Jamaica, two days before her funeral.

The Jamaican police have issued a warrant for Omar Collymore’s arrest.

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