Numerous Patrons Attend Montpelier Agricultural And Industrial Show

Numerous Patrons Attend Montpelier Agricultural And Industrial Show

Scores of citizens from St. James and surrounding parishes attended the 40th Montpelier Agricultural and Industrial Show on Easter Monday (April 10).

The annual event, which commenced in 1987, is organised by the St. James Association of Branch Societies of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS).

Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Franklin Witter, who delivered remarks, said the show has proven to be one of the best staged in Jamaica.

“I am happy to see that decades [after it began], we not only are continuing the tradition but when I [looked] around and when I [walked] through the various booths [at the show], I [saw] some stellar work from our farmers from this region,” he stated.

Mr. Witter also lauded the country’s farmers, noting that their contributions have proven effective in spurring increased growth in the sector.

“You have been a part of the great increase that we have seen in recent times, in terms of domestic crop production, and you continue to show that when you are given the resources, you make smart decisions. This

tremendous showcase… gives a clear indication that our farmers in this region and, by extension, the entire Jamaica are serious about [safeguarding] our food security and serious about the enhancement of your livelihoods,” he indicated.

Mr. Witter also informed patrons that April, which is recognised as Farmers’ Month, will see the Ministry celebrating these important members of the society.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will be highlighting and celebrating our farmers for their continued hard work, determination and resilience, which [have] led to the agricultural and fisheries sector boasting seven consecutive quarters of growth and an increase in [the] production of domestic crops, exceeding over 700,000 tons for the very first time,” he highlighted.


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