New Management at Shades Night Club Promises Changes

After more than two decades as a premier adult entertainment venue, Shades Night Club in Content Gardens, Ocho Rios is embarking on a fresh new approach to enhance customer satisfaction, after a leadership change.

In August 2020, after Shades’ founder Lloyd Cameron died, the responsibility to operate the entertainment landmark fell on the shoulders of his son, Shamar, who was 21 at the time.

After two years and with operations at Shades being severely impacted by the pandemic, things are slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. But according to Shamar, it won’t be business as usual as he will be ringing in some changes.

Shamar Cameron

“I took over instantly after my father passed away, during the Covid spike; so when he passed, basically, we had to pull our socks up and take a firm grip and basically just be a man in the position,” said Shamar, now 23.

“I made a lot of changes since, revamping. My father has been in the game almost 30 years; I wouldn’t say it’s old schoolish because it’s the old school way that made it what it is. Certain things were in place but I think they just need a little light to shine on them, so that’s just what I did really, put certain things in place that would give the environment a more refreshing type of vibes.”

“So, customers can just look for better things, coming from a more refreshing mindset, a younger state of mind. I’ll be coming up with new ideas, new ventures coming in. Ideas don’t stop, so who knows….”

Another change sees one of Ocho Rios’ most popular outdoor events, Shades Pon Di Beach, returning after being absent for the last five years. It is set for heroes’ weekend, Sunday, October 16 at Sugar Pot Beach, Rio Nuevo.

Also, Miss Shades Exotic Dancing Queen returns next year after being absent since 2020 because of the pandemic.

“We will have the crowning of the 2023 Miss Shades. After Shades Pon Di Beach we’ll be looking into that, it’s going to be sooner than (the regular month of) May next year.”

For years, Shades has been a favourite spot for Jamaicans and tourists who visit Ocho Rios, with its reputation for providing top class entertainment for adults.

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