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The One and Only Nelton Hyatt – A Legend in His Own Time

Jamaica News, February 21, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s news) – Nelton Hyatt, A Legend in His Own Time: Nelton Hyatt, born February 17, 1943 is related to our own famed Charles Hyatt. He is a committed and dedicated writer and started writing plays and poems from as far back as the 1960’s. He has not published any of his poems as yet. However, he has gained a lot of experience from the likes of the famous Oliver Samuels, actor and Sheila Carter, actress. Now, here are some insights into who Nelton Hyatt really is and what he stands for.


Tell me about yourself.

I like to box and to do farming. I also like to run, to give jokes (as I love when persons are happy) and am a very loving person. I am also very humble and attentive, love being around educated persons, not to say that I dislike those who are not, but one can learn better and much more from those who are educated and edifying. I also try to avoid extravagant persons at all cost. They are not my kind of persons to be around. I love to exercise as I always have to keep fit.


What kind of sports are you interested in?

Well, there are two main sports that interest me – boxing and football. I did some boxing but although I have never played in any match nor on any team, I just love football bad.”


Who do you support in football?

I fully support the Montego Bay United football team. I just love that team.”


Tell me some more about your boxing

Way back in the day, I received free lightweight training at the Ali McNab gym. I have fought in Kingston at Caymanas Park back in the 60’s with Beresford Small and Sylvester Hillman. I also used to work out in the gym with Ronald Holmes, who was Clerk of the Court in Ocho Rios before he came to Montego Bay.”


Are you married with children?

Yes, I am married; currently separated and had 3 children, one of whom is deceased. The other two are sons.”


Does any of your sons follow in your footsteps?

No, none of them. They have chosen their own career paths.”


Tell me more about your plays

I am now waiting for my manager to put them forward.”


How long will it take for your manager to do that?

It will take some time, however later in this year, you will hear more about it, okay.


When the plays are out, what are your expectations of the general public’s response?

People gonna love it because time has been spent on working on it. It’s all about attitude, no vulgarity at all, so they will surely love it.”


Can you give me a little preview?

Just a hint – it’s about a feisty little granny who had to put a younger man in him place because him a tek set pon har.”


So, Mr Hyatt, can I get the venue and time scheduled for your play?

As I said before, later on in this year you will hear more about the play, so you will be informed also about the venue and time, okay!” (laughs)



I sincerely expressed my thanks to Mr Nelton Hyatt on behalf of the McKoy’s News team for having conducted this interview with him this morning.


Nichola A. Panton

News Writer

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