Billy Graham Died: Word Preacher, Adviser to Presidents, Dead at 99

Jamaica News, February 21, 2018 – Billy Graham Died: 

North Carolina, USA (Mckoy’s News) – Evangelist Billy Graham, who preached to millions across the world during his 70 years at the pulpit, died on Wednesday morning, at the age of 99.

Reportedly, Graham died at 8 a.m., EST at his home in Montreat, North Carolina.

Nicknamed, “God’s Machine Gun,” Graham is known for his former years of thunderous, power-packed sermons that filled venues such as stadiums and tents worldwide.

With his Carolina stilted voice bellowing across the pulpit, his Bible raised in his tall steely hand and, his body motioned upward and forward – Billy Graham never tires in declaring to the world, without apology, that “Mankind MUST be Born Again,” to be accepted into the Kingdom of God.

Billy Graham Died: In his later years, with quick-burst speaking style behind him, preacher Billy Graham seldom ventured away from his log cabin North Carolina town, where there is a museum nearby of his memorabilia. In 2013 he was honed with a celebrated for his 95th birthday on Nov. 7, at a hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. Over 800 guests paid tribute to the reserved Graham, including Republican politician Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and television hostess Kathie Lee Gifford.

And even at 95-years-old, Billy Graham left his last message to America in a video, which took him a year to prepare. The video sermon which was aired on Fox News said America was “in great need of a spiritual awakening.”

Graham’s was one of the first evangelists in the world to master the media – with ground-breaking radio sermons, televangelism, and publishing. The authority in his voice would enter homes and communities in many parts of the world and was welcomed like a friend – all from a phone line, radio, television, satellite or cable network, and publishing.

According to a Graham spokeswoman, over 77 million saw him preach in person while nearly 215 million more watched his crusades on television or through satellite.

Graham was also a noted adviser and friend to presidents worldwide – Billy Graham was a known family friend of US president H. W. Bush, and in 2010 Bush’s son President George W. Bush credited Billy Graham for helping him reconnect with his faith. While, in his younger days, Graham is said to have played golf with President Gerald Ford, and spent time in the White House as friends with former Presidents Lyndon B Johnson, Nixon.

Even in recent years, as tradition would have it; when Graham stopped travelling, President Barack Obama made a trip to his home in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Even though millions of persons turned their lives over to Christ or renewed their faith through his ministry – the “Crusade for Christ” preacher told Fox News in a 2011 interview that if it was possible to do over his life, he would have studied more and prayed more.

“I would study more. I would pray more, travel less, take less speaking engagements,” he said. “I took too many of them in too many places around the world. If I had it to do over again I’d spend more time in meditation and prayer and just telling the Lord how much I love him.”

Billy Graham Died: Billy Graham joined his wife, Ruth, who died June 14, 2007. He is survived by two sons and three daughters, including Franklin Graham, who has taken over a large part of his father’s ministry.

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