‘Muck’ St James Most Wanted Held in Norwood

The St James police are reporting that one of the parish’s most wanted men have been apprehended during a joint police-military operation carried out in Norwood, St James, on Thursday morning, March 18.

The police have given the identity of the wanted man only as ‘Muck’, who they say is behind several shootings, and murders committed in Norwood, during the course of last year, into this year.

Reports by the police are that about 4:30 am, a joint police-military operation was carried out at various sections of Norwood.

During the search of one premises, the man known as ‘Muck’ was apprehended, while hiding inside a house.

Investigators say the accused man was being sought in connection with the murder of a popular Juice distributer in the community during the course of last year, and the shooting death of three persons, including a dumb back-up man, in Norwood, during the month of January.

One investigator said, ‘Muck’, is also behind several other murders and shootings, committed within the Norwood space.

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