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Man Murdered In Barnett Lane, Montego Bay

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Man Murdered In Barnett Lane, Montego Bay: The Barnett Street police are now carrying out investigations  into the shooting death of a man, and the shooting and wounding of another man on Barnett Lane in Montego Bay  on Friday night.

Dead is 40-year-old Lenworth Luther, a laborer of  Over River District in Orange, while a 29 year- old shop keeper from Barnett Lane has  since been admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious condition.

Reports from  the Barnett Street police are that shortly after 10:20 pm on Friday, October 20, Luther and the other victim were among a group of persons standing outside a shop along Barnett Lane.

Minutes later two men walked up to the group and brandished handguns. The men open fire on the crowd hitting both victims in  their upper bodies. The gunmen escaped in the area on foot.

The Barnett Street police were summoned, and upon their arrival, both wounded men were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where Luther was pronounced dead and the other man admitted in serious condition.

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