Robber Shot And Killed In Falmouth

Trelawny , Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Robber Shot And Killed In Falmouth: A man who the Trelawny police say has been behind a number of robberies in the Falmouth area, was fatally shot by the police on Friday night.

Reports by the Falmouth police say  that at  about 11:30 pm on Friday, October 20, a team  of police went to the area in search of the unidentified man, who is alleged to have carried out several armed robberies at a section of Trelawny Street .

The lawmen further reported that upon arrival at the location, as  they were entering premises at 10 Trelawny Street,  they were attacked by a man armed with a ratchet knife.

The man stabbed at one of the policemen, and the lawmen were forced to take evasive action. They opened  fire, hitting the alleged robber in the upper regions of his body.

The wounded man was transported to the Falmouth Hospital,  where he was pronounced dead. A ratchet knife was also taken from him


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