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Mobay says goodby to the Old Strand Theater Building: Demolished!

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – The iconic Strand Theater building, on Strand Street in Montego Bay is now being demolish to make way for new plaza.

Old Strand Theater -Montego Bay
Although Stand Theatre in Montego Bay closed many years ago, its structure remained a Jamaican icon and a part of Montego Bay’s history.


Anyone over thirty years old, that lived in Western Jamaica or visited Montego Bay will remember Strand Theater  as the place to be – back when the economy of Montego Bay was robust.

After its closure of being the movie theater that Montegonians were so proud of, the building housed other performing arts business and events.

 Without the love of people visiting it every day, the large building deteriorated with years passing. Montegonians however, never considered it an eye sore, but a delight that reminded them of what was, and where they spent many weekends with their family and friends.


Now with the prospect of  a new plaza coming soon to the location on Strand Street, replacing the old but loved theater structure, the heart of the town of Montego Bay will never boast the old theater building, the memory of the Montego Bay’s  Strand Theater may leave Strand Street but, the theater will always stay in the Jamaican heart and history.


Old Strand Theater Building on Strand Street, Montego Bay, demolished making way for a new plaza  Alan Lewin Photo

Story by: Allan Lewin

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