122 Murdered In Westmoreland Since The Start Of The Year

28 year old Chef Shot and Murdered in Cambrige, St. James

Cambrige, St. James (McN) – A 28 year-old chef who owns and operates a cook shop in the Cambridge area is the latest victim murdered by gunmen in St. James.

Another man who was at the cook shop at the time of the shooting was also shot and injured.

The victim is identified as Jodi Campbell, otherwise called “Nane,” of Cooper Wood District, St. James.

Report by the Cambridge Police are: about 9:30 pm on Wednesday, Campbell and the other man were at his cook shop, in the Copper Wood District, when they were ambushed by two armed gunmen travelling on foot.

The Gunmen opened fire hitting both men to their upper bodies, before escaping from the scene.

The Police were alerted. Upon arrival the victims were transported to the Cornwall Regional  Hospital were Campbell was pronounced dead and the other man admitted in serious condition.

Henry Bucknor

Special Invesigator

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