Live Men Wrapped in Sheets in Hearse – Traveling out of St James


Jamaica News, February 14, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Live Men Wrapped in Sheets in Hearse: News just into the Mckoy’s News newsroom is that police in St James have uncovered a possible ring allegedly involving funeral homes in the parish. This comes after the alleged discovery during the State of Emergency vehicle searches, where police found bodies of live men being transported as  “dead bodies” from morgues in St James to other parishes. 

Live Men Wrapped in Sheets in Hearse: Our source informed us that on occasions during the vehicle searches the police encounter what is understood to be “dead bodies” wrapped in sheets being transported. Then the insightful law-men would stick the bodies, and the bodies would jump up from under the sheets.

Our inside source who wishes to remain nameless summed it up stating that:

“This means that persons who own or are employed to the morgues in Montego Bay are wrapping up the gunmen as if they are dead bodies and using this way of “shipping out” the gunmen out of Montego Bay to other parishes, which will surely pose problems for residents in other parishes.” “This proves that the gunmen along with their conspirators have come up with new and improved ways of escaping the law officers’ dragnet, said the witness.”

As this story unfolds Mckoy’s News will offer more insight. 


News contributed by Nichola Panton  ( photo – unrelated Mckoy’s News file photo)

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