Embalming Fluid behind St James Murder Hike, says Former Gangster


Jamaican News, February 14, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Embalming Fluid Behind St James Murder: a former St James gang member has come forward to reveal one of the alleged reasons for the abominable killing sprees hitting Jamaica. He says this stems from the substance, “Embalming Fluid ” – allegedly inhaled by youths in gangs – given to them by the gang leader in their “weed,” laced with it. This “drug” produces hallucinations and invisibility which makes them kill, on the command of the chief of their gang!

The ex-gang member (who will call Chris) said the street name for the embalming fluid is called “Leak” or “Wet.” “This is used to create the hallucinogenic drug,” Chris said – He should know because according to him, he was unknowingly given this laced with his ganja; which made him perform several criminal activities, fearlessly.

According to Chris the gang leaders put the embalming fluid on marijuana (a process called lacing the drug) and put the laced drug in the sun to dry. This is then allegedly given it to the youths in the gang before they are sent out on commands to kill. He explained from his experience that the drug takes over the brain and prevent persons on it from thinking logically.

Chris explains that after inhaling the Wet, persons are allegedly able to walk up to anyone and murder them.

Embalming Fluid Behind St James Murder: the ex-gangster alleged that Leak or Wet, as the Formaldehyde substance (Embalming Fluid), is called on the street, is highly sought after by gang leaders who allegedly purchase the substance from funeral parlours.

Leak in a spliff (season weed) Chris said, allegedly turns the youngsters into zombies, giving them false supernatural powers be able to take on the required initiation or “uprank” task of killing, even if they are not ordinarily killers. They get crazy (out of their minds) and behave abnormal, not even their parents can control them in this inhumane state, according to his experience.

MCKOY’S NEWS RESEARCH of “Wet” or Wet-Wet, otherwise called Leak.

Embalming Fluid Behind St James Murder: we did our own digging into the phenomena of this drug and found that this is nothing new – not a new drug at all – in fact, the PCP type drug has been around since the 70s and was even more popular in the 80s – it resurfaced in the 2000s and is highly used among the most hardened criminals in America’s most violent crime areas – where teens and persons in their 20s would lace their marijuana or tobacco products with Formaldehyde and smoke it.

Embalming Fluid is used to preserve the dead body, slowing the dead tissue from quick deteriorating. Use of Formaldehyde, from our research, can cause permanent brain damage and permanent psychotic episodes, lead to cancer of the brain, seizures, and even death among other disorders.

According to research, after the extreme anger and paranoia have left a person when the drugs wear off temporarily after a few days, persons taking the drugs may not remember what took place when they were on the drug.

Lately, it was reported that the joint military in searches conducted during the State of Emergency declared in St James, allegedly found devil-worshipping paraphernalia among gangs, which it is said to be another main cause for the bloodletting in the west, as gangs are allegedly engaging in blood sacrifices to demons.

The Ministry of Security and the Ministry of education have both say they are encouraging parents to exhort vigilance, nurture and tolerance with their children from early ages, to promote proper relationship and guidance. While many have called upon the nation to return to the Christian values it was formed on, as the solution to turn the nations murder state around.

According to a statement by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, it took 40-years for Jamaica to develop this state gradually, it will take varying consistent efforts to turn it around.

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